Joros Kuohu


Kuohu is an excellent choice for hard and heavy conditions with it’s folding stairs.

These steps you can have from 4 up to 10 steps that you can choose to be either wood or roster. Stainless steel and electrochemically polished finishing is very durable in the challenging weather of nordics. Option to equip with quick attachment.

You can choose material of the ladders, AISI304 or AISI316. AISI304 “stainless steel” is ideal option to the shores of the lake. There is a common misconseption that stainless steel could not rust. It does but slower than most of the materials and it debends operating condition such as temperature, humidity and especially salinity of the water. That is why we recommend ladders with material AISI316 “acid-resistant steel” used in a seaside conditions. With good maintaining, including washing and waxing, products last time and variable weathers.